Winds of Chaos: A Shift Seeded

Chaos is the wind of change that brings the seeds of opportunity to bear fruit in fertile grounds.

Chaos is in direct alignment with the intentions set in my heart. Chaos is the opportunity that reveals to me a focus fractured and out of alignment. Chaos impairs my direction, but leaves a lasting gift by destroying my old patterns. The extremity of my misalignment is revealed, as I am slammed back to center, with an intensity that is in direct proportion to how far a drift I have fallen.

When chaos arrives my priority is found and declared once more, as all else loses its hold on my attention. My routine is shattered that I might find my direction and unlimited potential might come into my being once more. Chaos is always a gift and how quickly I can come to accept that gift the more fluid the shift becomes.

A shift is seeded by the winds of change and comes direct from the Source.

I may feel as though my shift has arrived without notice, but the warnings have typically been woven into place long before the shift arrives. Chaos can be felt as a gentle nudge, a light summer breeze- or refreshing guidance back onto the path- with a slight modification in the current situation. That is if my misalignment has only been momentary, a glance in the wrong direction- a lapse in my focus- set on the pinnacle of my heartfelt intention.

On the other hand, if I have not set proper boundaries and have not said no when need be and have followed the whims and possibilities of every encounter- I may need near hurricane force winds to bring me back to what is most important in my life. I may need to be slammed back onto my path, brought to my knees in remembrance of what I have declared to be most important in my heart.

Like any seed, a shift can be planted, nurtured and allowed to grow strong and hearty- it’s a choice.

A choice to follow the desire of my heart and believed in it. It’s my choice to hold and nurture the seed within my fertile heart. If my desire is sealed with sincere gratitude for the gift that it is and if I swear to remember and to hold the light of priority over it once more- it will grow. The light is intensified by my will and the declaration of my intent.

My full surrender to the winds of chaos is required for the shift to be properly seeded.

I must allow the winds to blow, bringing with them the seeds necessary for lasting change. Once the seeds are planted a time of perfecting and inner preparation is needed. A time for stillness to hold my heart fast, securing my deep desire and belief within me. The winds of chaos have brought me back into alignment with my intention- my direction found- my path secured- now stillness creates the space necessary for growth.

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