I commit to Playing Full Out in spite of all the obstacles I will face.


I am willing to Remember Who I Am. I commit to making a difference every day; to dream the impossible and create it, because I CAN.


What Bravery means to me.


Bravery is being who you are, even if they don’t understand.

Bravery is remembering your way home; to your true self, who you are.

Bravery is being willing to say “I can” and trying again and again; the undefeated never stop trying.

Bravery is believing in a purpose greater than yourself, in service of the higher good.

Bravery is pushing outside your comfort zone, your skill set, outside of what you are capable of now, because your goal is worth it.

Bravery is being Willing to create the impossible even though others believe you will fail.

Bravery is deciding to make a difference every single day.

Bravery is being joyful now, accepting what is, and dreaming of what could be tomorrow.

Bravery is forgiving yourself and others for everything, releasing all blame, and standing up again, when your emotions tell you it’s impossible.

Bravery is Believing and Never Giving Up, knowing that you will find a way; the moment a problem arises so does the solution.


Bravery is the willingness to pay the price, no matter the cost, to be Free and Remember Who You Are.



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