I Create Walls of Fire

The Eye of the I by David R. Hawkins.
Someone I love very dearly reminds me frequently, as I am speaking, “You’re creating walls of fire, ” as he laughs.
This usually happens as I pull stories of past experiences and transform them into expectations for future events.
Thanks to his words, I now visualize myself walking through those walls of fire unscathed, with ease and calm, as if I am walking in a field of flowers.
No rush, no fear, no hurry no anxiety, simply moving forward with ease and grace, walking in wonder, in unison with the mysteries of life.
I don’t care if I have created a wall of fire.

I don’t panic.

It was genuine in that moment. A true reflection of where I was at, in that instant alone.
I don’t need to judge it or fear that I have created or manifested something undesirable.
Who cares, even if I did.
I can still walk with ease through it all.
My life experiences have brought me many fires, none have burned me to the point of extinguishing my life.
I’m still breathing.
I heal them, transmute them, release them and allow them to burn back into light.
I own them, take full responsibility and am grateful for the lessons.

They are my badge of honor.

They reveal the graduate course I am on in this life.
I’m here for the Master Class, that means whatever it takes I’m in, I’m committed. Bring it on.
Fall or rise I am determined, devoted, passionate and emboldened.
If I fail, I learn.
If I rise. I give praise, thanks and gratitude, for all who helped lift me up.
Whether I fall or rise I gain one more small blessing on my journey, so long as I am willing to learn, to grow and to experience.
With pure heart, simplicity of thought and humility I walk the path before me.
No matter if I have created walls of fire or pools of still water, I will walk as though I am passing through green pastures filled with flowers.
I keep on walking, one foot after the other.
So long as there is breath within me I can learn, understand and become love.
I am here to witness, to perceive, to listen to the silence, and learn the language before words began.
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