Two Stories: Responsibility and Belief

There are two stories that have run congruently in my life. The first one I have shown you in my book, Shattered Into Being. This one is of tragedy, pain, sorrow and suffering and of the personal power claimed, while finding my internal compass, to take responsibility for my life and to create a life of meaning and purpose. Alongside that story is one of belief filled with love, joy and passion. A story of devoted faith and belief in a power greater than myself. This second story is the basis of my strength. The power behind the life. This is the hidden vulnerable child and powerhouse of authority that lay dormant beneath the layers.

I have always had profound faith.

Even as a small child when I was told of Jesus Christ and his love for me, that he died for me, I was so moved that I immediately accepted Jesus into my heart. The power of his love and compassion were palpable to me. I was filled with such joy and elation after my prayer of receiving, that I spent hours skipping around the dining room table, first clockwise, then counterclockwise signing- Jesus Loves Me- without ceasing.

I was devoted-

to Jesus and believed the words and stories I was told. I spoke with Jesus daily. I was in continual conversation with him and could hear him clearly as we shared in conversation. I would walk down the stairs leaving room for Jesus beside me. I sat on half the chair, so Jesus would have room to sit. I slept on the edge of my bed, so Jesus could share the other side. This is the power of my belief system.

Doubting is not natural to me.

I never carried doubts. This was no imaginary friend, but a true relationship with Christ. Questioning is not something I think of. I accept, embrace and carry on without judgment. I can listen to stories shared from the hearts of others and have compassion. I understand that we do not and cannot make decisions for one another and that all choices are a part of our learning and experience, without judgement. Some experiences shared may make me uncomfortable and I tend to move away from such environments or sharing, but I understand they may have a path I am yet to comprehend.

I am in complete relationship with my environment-

through all of my senses, which includes along with the basic five, being an empath. I attempt to make friends with all that comes into my experience; no matter whether these entities can be seen by the naked eye, are plants, trees, rocks, the elements, animals or humans. I focus on harmony, as disharmony is so completely disruptive and unsettling for me. Conflict lowers my energy and vibration to such a degree I cannot write or do what I need to fulfill my purpose.

I believe in supernatural beings-

aliens, other dimensions- all of it. Past lives and spiritual gifts of all manner are natural and without question for me now. I believe in the power of the spoken word to create worlds. I believe in life without aging and instantaneous healing. I believe food can be produced and multiplied beyond logical reason. I grew up on stories of faith and have seamlessly extended them to the Universe as a whole.

I am only now beginning to ask, “Why do so few others believe?”

“Why do they only have one story?” Why can they only accept the first story of responsibility- the hard facts of life presented by tangible experiences- difficulties to be overcome by direct action alone.” A life without the colors of belief as exhibited by love, passion and joy feels empty to me. I need to feel compassion and connection for all beings of the seen and unseen world- to be alive. This is my wish- that more of you will choose to follow the second story- one of profound belief in the unlimited potential of the Universe, with a child-like innocence.

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