What is faith?

I was asked the other day what the difference is between trust and faith.
For me, and my internal workings or heart wisdom, faith is the step beyond trust.
Trust is based on what can be seen, what is known, stated or declared.You can trust me. You can trust this person, this agenda, this medicine, this news or this information.
You fall back in surrender, trusting that those who promise to catch you, will. You can see them all lined up, hear their voices and calls of support and encouragement. When you are ready, you let yourself fall, you let go. And more often than not, they do indeed catch you.
Trust is based on something tangible and often with measurable results.
Faith on the other hand is believing when you cannot see, feel or know.
Faith isn’t about letting go or falling back, as trust requires.
Faith is based on voices you cannot always hear. On signs you alone are left to interrupt and decipher. You may stand alone in your understanding, in your belief and in your faith.
Faith calls for nothing less than a leap.
Faith is dependent upon you.

You must ACT.

That is what faith means.
How committed am I to this leap? Can I, will I give it my all, no holding back.
Am I willing and able, to run full bore at the cliff’s edge, running past the safety of solid ground?
Do I have the momentum, the power and force required to carry me the distance?
What if what I believe is untrue?
What if I stumble?
What if I cannot run as I once did?
What if I am too tired, too old, too worn out to once more run at the next challenge life has presented?
What then?
I say these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love.

The greatest of these will always be Love.

When I have nothing left to give, no more answers to conjure from within, I turn to these three.
I have Faith that there is a greater plan at work, than my limited understanding can comprehend.
I have Faith that life will and does find a way.
I have Faith that hope makes a difference, that it has the ability to alter what is, to what could be, with infinite possibility.
I have Faith that sending LOVE, and reaching out to others in tenderness, kindness, compassion and gentleness makes a difference.
The power of Love is felt, it is tangible, and can turn the tide.
When I have nothing left to give, but am open to receive love, I have the power, the will, the courage and the stamina to do what seemed impossible, only moments before.
When all else fails, love will endure. Love never fails, Love never forsakes. Love leads, it goes before and makes the path straight.
All I have to do is give it my All. Run without holding back. And when all else falls away, including the ground I stand upon.
I leap. I fly, I soar. I laugh. I forgive. I release and allow what is to come, to be.
I accept it all. I am at Peace with All that IS.
Somehow, every single time, I make it. I land on solid ground. Once more I am grounded, firm, planted and rooted in who I am. Stronger and more confident than when I began.
Trust is powerful and important, but Faith in immeasurable. Hope is helpful and can open infinite possibility, but Love never fails.
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