Tree Rings of Protection

I find protection in a field of sunshine- a green meadow filled with daffodils, lilies of the valley and irises. Tall wispy grasses hide my presence deep within. Rows of Aspen cluster at the edge of the meadow. Rings of Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Blue Spruce encircle me in the heights above. I am protected by the rings and layers of beauty and strength that is nature.

This is my visualization

each morning, as my mind wakes to consciousness. I create a safe place for me to enter back into the world of dreams. My sleep is my true self let free. My waking hours are my illusion to be sorted out and resolved in sleep. With my tree rings of protection set- I am ready. I rise to create my day.

I step forward in faith

knowing my heart is true and my intentions pure. The experiences I have today are perfect and for my highest good. As night falls and sleep overcomes me all that was seen and experienced is set free. When I wake again I create a new beginning, no past to hold me back. I open to my unlimited nature- knowing that everything is possible and a potential part of my becoming.

This is the cycle of my intention. I am a pure channel for the energy of each day to pass through me. This is the foundation of my confidence and self-acceptance. The beginning of my self-esteem– rising from the ashes in a new day. By the darkness of night, I am renewed and made whole once more.

I must choose each day to rise above

my will and intent focused on the single desire of my heart- to be one with All There Is. Without the will to choose and the focus to follow through- I am lost. I sink in the wallows of my history, the story of my family, the patterns of my self-abuse and powerlessness. I must not feed the identity of victim or I will never rise above it. Instead I choose to fill my mind with thoughts of nature, of the beauty and perfection of all that I experience- without judgement.

I am protected by the old wise trees

that wrap rings around my heart and soul. I am entwined with their energy, the power and strength of their wisdom. The scent of their bark, needles and sap reach into my being, nourishing me. In return I extend my being outward and become the forest, the meadow grasses and fragrant flowers swaying in the breeze. All that I am holding is released in the process of becoming one with nature. I cannot be the forest and hold my fears- it is not possible.

Nature is my home

my refuge when I do not understand and become frightened. There is no space left for my fears, worries or history when I am in nature. I feel the breeze and smell the blending of scents that surround me. I feel the warmth of the sun upon the rocks, soil and vegetation. My vision returns, my hearing expands- reaching beyond vibration. I am no longer laying in the meadow hidden. I am the meadow, surrounded and protected by a vast army of trees that is me.

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