The Big 5 and How They Bring Clarity to My Life

I have had quite a few life changing experiences, while I have been away from blogging over the last two years. I am now looking for structure, order and clarity in my life. In an attempt to gain clarity and attain some level of personal mastery I am setting goals for the first time. I have learned that in order for me to live fully I must live intentionally; be strategic.

By contemplating my death and the legacy I might leave behind I came to realize I had some changes to make. I had to start living fully, living out loud, allowing my actions to create a better story. I choose to live an inspired life; to set my goals much higher and farther out of reach. I want to inspire Awe, Gratitude and Joy within myself. I want to create a life of Beauty, Love and Service.

With that intention I am holding myself accountable. Making a declaration of sorts that this is what I intend. This is what I want to happen before I die, so that I can be inspired by my own legacy. Inspired to truly live in this moment. No more letting all these moments and opportunities pass me by without taking action, stepping up, pushing outside of my comfort zone. I will no longer let fear and resistance control me. The cost is too high and I am unwilling to pay.

Here are my Big 5 Goals to achieve before I die. They must adhere to my Main 5 Values or they cannot be counted as success or achievement by my scale.

What 5 things must happen in my life for me to have lived a beautiful and legendary life?

  1. Fulfilled my purpose as a messenger and change agent; a channel for Source energy to flow through
  2. Contributed in Service to humanity, without holding back, in an effort to end suffering
  3. Nurtured Oneness and Connection with Source for myself and others
  4. Created a beautiful home and sanctuary that nurtures, supports and uplifts myself and my family.
  5. Traveled the world meeting, connecting and touching as many lives as possible; to be Present and a Part of All Life

My 5 Main Values:

  1. Beauty
  2. Love
  3. Joy
  4. Gratitude
  5. Service

I hope this inspires you to consider your legacy. Who will speak at your funeral and will their be praise and kind words? Do you have a friend, a family member, someone from the community and a colleague; one from each category willing to speak on your behalf? What will they say about you? Consider how that day could look and feel? Do you want music, and smells of beautiful flowers to be present in celebration of your life. Did you contribute in service to your community? Were you a good boss, manager or employee? If are you self-employed did inspire others to follow in your footsteps? When you die what will happen to those left behind?

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