Thank You


I would like to pause to reflect on the steps that lead me to this moment

as an Amazon Best Seller and to say thank you to all the people who helped me along the way. If I miss anyone please accept my apologies in advance, as there are so many who played a part and who deserve recognition.

I want to acknowledge and say thank you to Kate

who introduced me to the Wings Alive channel Memra who first spoke of my writing books. I had said twenty years ago that I needed to write a book about my experiences. Those intentions had long been forgotten until revived by my channeled session.

Kate was also the friend who called to coerce me into immediately calling the Body Spa and Café to sign up for a lecture by Tom Bird. He was giving a lecture and sales pitch on how to write a book in a weekend. I went to the lecture and signed up for the November Retreat in 2015. The first draft of my book was written at that time.

I continued moving forward in faith and following my Divine Author Within- as Tom calls it- and signed up for the Publishing Now Program to get the support I needed to complete the process and get my book ready to publish.

I want to say Thank you to Tom Bird

and his publishing staff at Sojourn Publishing LLC; Sabrina Fritts, Executive Director; Mary Stevenson, Executive Assistant; Idony Lisle, style editor; Rosina Wilson, copy editor and Denise Cassino, book marketing specialist. I also want to thank my web designer Greg at Silver Knight Solutions, who created the exact author website I envisioned.

On a personal note

I want to thank Sabrina for hanging in there and following through-for what seemed like endless hours- and for having the most profound work ethic. Sabrina preserved where others would have given up or walked away; she stayed in the fight past frustration and kept at it until the last step was completed- the last error caught.

On a note of personal challenge

I want to thank Laura for teaching me what I needed the most; the will to commit and to own my book. All I can say is that Spirit used her in a profound way to activate my passion, to wake me up and get me to pull it together. I really don’t think I could have completed the process without her essential role in my story. Thank you Laura!

And most importantly

I couldn’t have achieved anything outside of the actual creation of the book without all of you. You were the ones- my greatest supporters and biggest fans- who jumped in to snatch up copies of my book. A special thank you to Susan, who sent me a picture of the stack of copies she purchased to help push me forward on the Amazon Best Seller List.  I am an Amazon #1 Best Seller because of all of you-thank you!

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