What are people saying about Anastacia Jayet
I feel privileged to read this raw, poignant story of Anastacia’s life. The story drew me in so tightly I felt lost after the book finished. Anastacia exhibits a transparency in sharing her lessons that allows her readers to feel their own vulnerability. It is truly an honor to be touched and lifted by Anastacia’s raw heart.
~ Linda Curry

author of Pebbles of Gold and founder of True Balance Wellness

In your writing, I was deeply touched by the depth of forgiveness you had accomplished. That is not an easy journey but its gift is the wonderful clarity I heard. It gave me the reader permission to enter into and embrace everyone in your experience.

~ David McArthur

Accessing Wisdom

I followed my instinct and found your book online.

Your writing is so raw and profound that I was unable to put it down.

It was a very emotional read with lots of tears and I could relate on so many levels. I truly regret that I wasn’t a better friend. I was going through my own personal struggles that I failed to see that you were dealing with so much. 

My heart broke in so many pieces realizing what you have endured. 

I am so happy for you that you have become a stronger person. You have always been a beautiful person inside and out.

I wish you much success, health and inner peace.

~ Susan


I held a class last night and afterwords a woman came up to me to tell me about her experience of your workshop. She was in tears over the profound impact the workshop had on her. She bought your book and said she can’t put it down in has touched her life so deeply. She is very grateful for your coming and for the way you touched her life. As she shared with me what has been years of struggle for her and the realization that opened to her from her experience in the workshop, I realized it was indeed profound. She spoke of the new freedom and lightness she was experiencing.

You said if you even helped one person it would be worth it. You have.

With a celebrating heart.

~ David

That was so beautiful. You have such a natural talent in front of the camera, I really think you should upload this to YouTube and keep doing things just like it. You had a bright pink aura on you the whole time, it made my whole screen pink. I loved watching that, it made me cry a few times.

Love you so much, and very proud of what you’re doing and how far you’ve come. It kind of reminded me that this truly is a new era so much has changed in our ways of thinking. And it was a great reminder to me, to get back to that space and embrace it, because things are completely new now, and at such a higher vibration. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

Love you.

~ Daphne

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