Surrender to Freedom

To cease resistance, give in or yield, to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority is the definition of surrender. By definition I cannot surrender. The power to act, speak and think without restraint; the absence of subjection to domination is the definition of freedom. Freedom is what I seek without question. The lack of which has been the root of all of my suffering. Yet to gain true freedom I must surrender everything and trust the flow of life.

The very definition of the word surrender contradicts what I seek.

I no longer wish to be controlled by the opinions and beliefs of others and what they think is best for me. I do not want to be subjugated, made to obey by force. I desire the freedom to follow my heart to come and go as I believe necessary. I desire the freedom to be who I am, to express my personal power without judgement or censure. I do not wish to overstep my boundaries and impinge upon the rights of another. I do not want to control or subjugate another.

I want to be free.

With all my heart I know the only way to gain freedom is by surrender. Deep down I know the definition given by those who define surrender is all wrong. To surrender does not mean to give up or yield to an adversary, an opponent, to one who has no regard for my well-being. To surrender, is to allow the events of life to happen. To accept what is happening without judgment in the moment. To trust, that what is unfolding will ultimately bring me the direct experience I need to understand the true meaning of life.

I surrender to life and it fills me with meaning. Experiences are no longer happening to me, making me a victim without control. They are lessons filled with opportunity and potential for new wisdom and growth. They offer personal power and mastery over my fears. They allow acceptance of myself as I am, without judgment. They are a gift to be received with an open heart.

I seek the kernel of truth,

the seed of wisdom delivered by my heart in every experience. How quickly I receive the wisdom offered, is how quickly I am free -released from all suffering. The faster I am able to surrender, to trust and allow what is happening to unfold – the faster I am able to receive the wisdom of direct experience and accept all that is. Life becomes a game, exciting and fun – filled with joyful surprises as experiences of fear are transformed into heartfelt wisdom. I surrender to freedom and I am transformed.

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