The Winter Solstice occurred on December 21st at 3:44 am MST. I awoke from a dead sleep at 3:10 am with the word Fire given to me. Each Solstice I ask to be given one word that will surmise my focus for the year ahead. I very distinctly saw a single flame, like a candle flame, except there was no candle attached. I fell back to sleep and awoke again at 3:44 am with no alarm, as I began to hear the explanation behind the flame I had seen in my mind’s eye so clearly only a few minutes before.

This is what I was given in understanding. A single flame is symbolic of a sole and purposeful focus. There are cultures that utilize the practice of staring at a candle flame to develop the discipline required to maintain concentration. Such a practice is aimed at keeping the mind from wandering, jumping from thought to thought, or from one idea to another.

This is what is required of me at this time- a singular focus.

I was further given that I needed passion to follow my purpose, which is why the word fire was given to me. No time is more perfect than another. What is required is moving forward, one step at a time. The intention, set into motion by action, is all that is necessary. I came to realize that the inspiration I need comes as a spark. After that dedication and discipline are the foundation to get the ball rolling. I need passion to follow through, to create what needs to be brought into tangible reality.

As a result, my tossing and turning with the plan to awake in the morning and write this all down for my much overdue blog was thrown out the window. Unable to sleep I am now typing this all down at 4:15 am, as there is no perfect time outside of right now. This very moment is always the perfect time. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The spark flashed and I was given the beginning, the means of creating fire. It was now up to me to feed and nurture that single spark into a flame and from that flame to create a fire that will feed the warmth I need to fuel the purpose that drives me.

As I sat down and began to write an additional insight was given to me. The hottest part of the flame, a candle’s fire, is blue. The color blue is even hotter than white. Thus the color of Fire for me is not red, as one might think, it is a soft blue. This blue is not deep and dark, but the very same blue that rests above my head in the clear blue skies of New Mexico. Think bunsen burners from chemistry class in high school, the flame closest to the pilot was that perfect blue, or the blue flame that comes to life as a gas stove is ignited. Funny how this is opposite to our conditioned thinking that red is hot and blue is cold, when in fact the hottest part of the flame is blue.

My color for the coming year is blue, it is the creation blue of the waters, the air, and the most intense part of the fire. I will come to understand all aspects of the word fire; all definitions, the nature of the word and the intention of fire itself as the year passes.

I know this is true, as it unfolded for me in this way in the past year with the last word given to me on the Winter Solstice of 2016. The word at that time was enlightenment. I came to embody all aspects of the word and even a phonetic understanding of it as, “In Light I am meant.” I completed a supreme clearing of my being in the physical body and beyond into the etheric body in 2016. I am firmly and wholly in the light and of the light at this time.

I look forward to embodying the passion, purpose, heat and intensity of fire. Not a raging, roaring or crackling fire, as experienced in a fireplace, but the calm and soothing flicker of a single candle flame. The concentrated intention in the quiet of the night. To me this is the embodiment of the still small voice that comes from deep within, the eternal flame that never dies. That is the fire I seek to know.

In doing so, I must know the raging fire; the jumping, dancing fire at the very peak of each flame; and the burning embers still warm in the waning hours. I must understand them all to fully know the peace of the eternal flame within. To fully understand the single flame I must know and embody all aspects and potential of fire. The power and purpose behind them all.


May you have a Blessed, Purposeful and Enlightening 2017.

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