Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own abilities and worth.

Self-appreciation is the process of understanding and accepting, in gratitude, the perfection of all aspects of the self. Self-worth is the sense of value given to one’s own life. Confidence, value, worth and acceptance create a life of meaning filled with purpose. A life filled with purpose, surrendered willingly in service and love, opens the door of opportunity for understanding the self. The key to understanding is held in the thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.

Thoughts of separation, lack and toil- maintain the eternal wheel of suffering.

Rise above the wheel by going low, in humble service fueled by love. Release the need for material rewards and outward recognition that have no lasting value. These are hollow gifts that degrade and tarnish with time. They add no value in the process of realization or understanding the true self. Gratitude, compassion and loving kindness last a lifetime and will never be without merit.

Service comes with abundant gifts of appreciation in words, touch and material pleasures- but that is not what drives great service. A life of service bubbles over with self-esteem, self-appreciation and self-worth. Service offers purpose to a life without meaning. It brings connection with the human heart, releasing isolation and separateness.  Service reveals the perfection in everyday life, the beauty of the spirit to overcome tragedy. It opens the door for the expansion of all possibilities, sourced by love.

Self-esteem has no meaning if it is driven by the desires of the ego.

It will always come up short, feel empty, unfulfilled and lacking.  To appreciate and value the self at the expense of another is hollow. True connection and love without measure is to found in giving even the smallest effort in service to another sentient life. Holding the door for another who lags behind, giving up a parking space when it’s not convenient, setting aside the need to be first or more important- all add value to the sense of self and confidence in one’s ability to rise above.

These gestures nurture, empower and uplift; raising the spirit above the mundane. To be of service doesn’t imply a requirement to give away all of your belongings to feed the poor or renounce home and family to travel to foreign lands. It is living a life of compassion, understanding and empathy for all living beings, in every moment.  That includes serving the thoughtless individual who has forgotten the warmth of a heart connected in service. Life is overflowing with opportunities to be of service every day. It is the mind that closes the door of opportunity, shutting out the light, flooding the mind with thoughts of lack, inability and fear.

Each step dedicated in service breaks down those dark thoughts

and creates an abundance of self-esteem, self-appreciation and self-worth to replace them. The spirit rises, empowered by the tangible and intangible rewards received in the efforts given in service. Surrendering to the opportunities life provides to be of service brings the potential to fully know and appreciate all aspects of the self and to fulfill one’s greatest potential.

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