The greatest truths I have experienced in my life are always, without exception, the simplest.
Rise above.
Be the bigger person.
Take the high road.
They are all expressing the same loving, divine wisdom, when passed through the filters of my heart.
This too shall pass.
We are here but for a moment.
This is the moment- no past,no future.

Today I choose


To rise above. To rise above it all.
I am in the silence, the stillness, the presence of the first creation- light.
 I am embraced by the bright morning star that begins each day.
 There, in the presence, in the iridescent white, golden light, of my beloved- I rest, restore and let it all wash away.
I hold this space, stepping into this presence, again and again.
Embracing this loving peace.
It is always available for me, the moment I ask.
The moment I remember to seek it.
The instant I reach for it. It rushes to me.
All else- the worries, stress, anxiety, suffering, pain and questioning sink beneath me.
I am cleansed- through and through.
There is nothing for me to figure out, resolve, or fix.

It is all already done.

I am simply rising above, holding that space, witnessing, observing and waiting for guidance.
 Then from a place of peace, I take right action.
My prayer: Please let me remember- that I might seek, ask and know- the peace that surpasses all understanding. Rising above it all, into that place of radiant beauty and ultimate peace.
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