The Chaos Key

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I Accept The Chaos

I accept that life is nothing more than a series of crazy, ridiculous moments, strung together for no other reason than for me to experience it. None of it matters. My reactions and emotions are like the wind coming and going; gentle or turbulent. The events themselves don’t matter, the whole point is to shock my mind continually, ultimately shifting to the awareness of my true self. The faster I accept crazy, the faster and more fluidly I shift.

Accepting the chaos is the key. Observing everything and accepting that none of it has to make any sense, like a dream. The feeling or essence is what matters, not the images or events that got you to that feeling. That is life, that is it, nothing more. A series of seemingly disconnected illogical happenings that all bring me to the exact perfect state of mind to accept, feel, understand and get it.

Our Particular Message

We all have one particular message that we resonate with in this lifetime. That theme that you keep going back to. Mine is knowing that I can always find my way back home; back to myself. Getting lost, giving away my personal power, and somehow beyond all odds, finding my way back to the full expression of myself. I have done this so many times, I simply have to accept how crazy it is. The message continually being mastered at new levels; deeper experiences.

In order to succeed it helps to see it all as a game. You don’t have to get it the first time around. You can play it again and again. It is supposed to be fun, laugh at yourself, your mistakes; and keep playing. Don’t give up, don’t quit, don’t stay, mad; see it for what it is, a game.

Our perspective and interpretation of the word crazy is also important to acknowledge. I do not see crazy, wild turbulent winds, as bad. They allow the shifts to happen more quickly. I can get angry, mad and frustrated watching all of my expectations and hard work fly away in the wind, or laugh out loud. Accepting that what has dissolved is no longer necessary, nothing ever leaves until it is time.

No Need to Understand

I do not need to understand any of this. I do not need to understand why someone has a horrible accident or a friend or loved one dies. I need only observe my reaction, and say isn’t that interesting, I never would have thought that would be my response. No judgement of myself or the event, as good or bad. I need only be compassionate and gentle with myself and others. Nothing to analyze, no answers to be found here.

I accept this crazy life as it is. I accept my choices and experiences as neither good or bad. I embrace compassion as my guide, allowing myself to fully feel through all of my senses this experience. I accept crazy as my constant companion, coming to peace with this union. I sit back and watch it all, as my awareness shifts back to who I am.


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March 29, 2016

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