Lightening Seeking Ground

Receive - Double lightening strike

I Seek a Solid Foundation

Light streaking across the sky seeking foundation, the grounding point for release. Positive and negative charges finding completion in one another. As the light seeks ground, I seek a solid foundation within myself. Self-esteem, the release of all selfishness; self-appreciation, the realization of the perfection of all; self-worth, the valuing of all life.

The light I am cannot find release without a solid foundation within myself. I cannot be of value, service, or fully expressed without this grounding. I am light streaking across the sky with no home to be found. No solid ground to make my purpose complete. The thunder echoes my desire, preceding me. I cannot find the foundation I seek within me.

The storm builds, the great anvil in the sky cries out, I must find escape. I must pull the energy within me, muster the strength to make the leap. I shoot out from the cloud, ricocheting across the night sky. Desperately seeking completion outside of myself, that cannot be found. The ground I seek is within me.

I fade away, my pattern receding in the darkness. I return again to my source in the cloud, again I build my strength and leap forth, seeking ground. I know now that I must find this completion within myself, to break the pattern, the cycle without end. If I want the storm to pass I must find the ground. I must create what I am lacking within myself. I focus on the perfection of it all.

I Am Not Alone

The commonality of the struggle and the rarity of its conquest. Like the lightening in the night sky I am not alone. There are many lights seeking the ground, the connection within. I am united in my struggle to build self-esteem, to appreciate myself and all that happens and all that is created as perfect. I value the struggle of all the lights streaking across the sky seeking completion, wholeness in being.

I am one of many, united in purpose, enduring the storm. And just like that I am grounded. My light within stabilized, the storm has passed. I have found completion, grounded in my unity of being. I am confident, resilient, empowered from within.


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March 31, 2016

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