Harmony through Storm

Compassion - Stormy Cloud Nature Backdrop

I Love the Storm

Let the winds rage, the clouds darken the day sky, the golden light made prominent in contrast to the darkness enveloping the moment. An eerie calm fills the breaths between the whipping winds; gaps in the storm. I love the storm, it brings me back to center, calms my spirit, and unleashes laughter and great joy within me.

Storms are my salvation. They allow me release, building the energy, compacting the pressure of all that is felt around me. Swirling, spinning racing. The laughter and anticipation build, until a torrent releases upon the Earth. I am in the heart of joy.

Harmony is Returned to My Being

Harmony is returned to my being. All the anxiety, tension and confusion is brought back to clarity. Electrical storms are my favorite, but any impending storm will do. Sandstorms that rise up in a wall of darkness, polishing all the rough edges away. When all vision is removed, I find clarity. I stop looking outward to see, that option is removed. I must go within, where the bliss and harmony reside, awaiting my return.

It is the storms of life that bring me back to the power I hold within. The joy of my true self found, never lost. I am humbled, brought to my knees and rejoice in gratitude of the gift the storm is to me. I cry out and the voice of my heart is heard through the storm.

I am one with the forces of nature. I am one with myself, one with every living being. I am strong like the storm. I feel its power running through me and a smile runs through my entire body. The electrical current flows downward into me, recharging my cells and burning away all that I no longer need.

I release the fears, the lack of self-esteem and confidence I used to know, and embrace the power that channels through me. I do not need to be afraid of who I am. I am strong enough mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to pass through all of life’s obstacles with ease. Like the storm I rise up when the occasion calls forth and like the storm I allow the energy to pour outward, through me.

I Am Back

I am back, the storm has centered me, returned harmony to my being. My heart is bursting with joy, the power within me returned. I am filled with wild laughter, as the wind rips away all that does not serve me. All I can say is thank you, thank you for the raging storms that tear me apart; the great gift of love you bestow upon me through these experiences on my journey through time.


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March 28, 2016

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