Forgiving Hope

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Forgiving the need for more than what is. Forgiving the inability to accept the outcome. Forgiving hope for not being what was believed it could be. Forgiving the expectation that slammed faith to the floor without mercy. Forgiving that perfect is what you have received.

Hope has the ability to raise the spirits, unify, provide promise of what could be. To forgive that which inspires hope is not easy. The one that was believed in. The signs seen as concrete expression of the outcome anticipated. The smile and kind words, that inspired a belief that anything was possible. The prayers made to a power greater than all. Forgive hope for falling short, for lifting spirits to heights it could not fulfill.

Hope inspires certainty, the will to fight its way through the cracks in the concrete of our hearts. It has no foundation, nothing to support the growth, yet it flourishes in the darkness. Without hope there would be no light, growth would shrivel and fall away. Hope is the trust placed in devotion, to bloom and bring joy. Forgive hope when she does not become what was dreamed of.

Hope whispers to wait, whole is not complete. Hope places power outside the grasp of the moment. Hope promises benefits of reward to come. When nothing remains, hope is the last to die. Acceptance cures the wounds inflicted by hope.

I Forgive Hope

I forgive hope for not being who I thought she could be. I forgive hope for the great loss I have suffered at her feet. I forgive her for my broken heart. I ask hope to forgive me for the expectations I placed upon her. The assurance and certainty I demanded of her without support. I forgive hope and I ask that hope forgive me my shortcoming of acceptance.


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March 29, 2016

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