Chaos Stands Still

Trust - heavy gray storm rain cloud

The Nature of Chaos is Still

The nature of chaos is still, unmoving, unyielding. We slam into chaos with proportionate intensity to the speed at which we are moving. We are spinning in our cycles and routines; moving in the direction of our plans. Stillness is the void in the road. We must meet it, listen to the silence and become it.

Stillness is invisible, silent, without a sound. This is chaos, if we could see it we would avoid it. We never know it is there until it is too late. It is the great interrupter. We bump into it or crash into it depending on our needs. If we desperately need to shift our perspective, we will even accelerate upon approach to this stillness.

Things begin to pile up and fall apart, as we break down. Everything moves more quickly, spinning faster. We are running late, the coffee spills. The shirt gets stained. We are flinging clothes, grabbing what we can; running to change. The car has ice on the windshield, we scrape only the minimum needed to get down the road. The windows begin to ice over, the heat of our breath cursing these circumstances out of our control, clouds our vision.

We Cannot See

We cannot see. Still we hurtle down the road. Rushing to make our deadlines and time frames. The papers drop beneath the seat. We are grasping. Still hurtling forward, accelerating toward this meeting with stillness, that unseen void waiting in the road.

It is done. We crash into chaos; slamming our heads against the unyielding. Our full attention required to absorb this silence. There is glass breaking, screams, horns, smoke rising; then silence. The screams begin again, arising from the smoke. The sirens can be heard in the distance. We are in the eye of chaos. Held in this heart of silence, in the darkness of peace. For a moment, time and space cease. We are free.

A New Beginning

A new beginning is rising from the flames. The cars strewn across the road. We are still. We are alive. We have peace; the running, racing and spinning have stopped. There is no deadline, no time frame to meet. Life has shifted. We breathe, we feel. We become aware of the smells filling the cold crisp air.

We begin again, if we can help, we reach out connecting to the hearts of those nearby. There is love and embrace. Our perspective has shifted; that quickly we are renewed. Our priorities aligned with the Divine once more. We are back to our senses.

Give Thanks

Thank the stillness that would not yield. That kindness that would not turn away or move; that held fast that we might see with new eyes. Chaos is a gift we never see coming. The void that interrupts our spinning out of control, hurtling through space. Embrace chaos with the kiss that draws in your breath, for the gift of life has been given to you again.


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March 31, 2016

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