Allowed to BE

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To Be One

To be, one must first know separation. Separation from mother, family, home, culture and society. I am- without preconception; brand new in concept and form. Freedom of will and intent required, accompanied by desire. Fully expressed; separate and in complete harmony and service to All.

The self alone can allow being. No permission given, or taken, outside of the self. No direction, no guidance heeded, but that of the self. The difficulty- knowing who you are, what you are, and how you came to serve. All outside influence set aside, subtle or overt. Only the Divine Self can lead from within, in harmony with the Divine plan.

Free Will and Intent

Free will and intent, a place of choice, the foundation-separation is key. What if you cannot separate. The very gift, the strength you were born with, makes separation invisible. No awareness, no concept or understanding of what is you and not you. How can the self, allow being, of that which it cannot define?

The self in this individual feels, smells, hears the thoughts, and sees the fears of all who come near. The space entered is felt and the energy experienced. Past or present makes no difference, the energy remains, stagnant-stuck. No understanding of separation, no boundary known; the individual becomes frightened, scared, anxious and unclear-all safety removed. A place of choice cannot be found, free will and intent have no power.

A Mind Confused

In a state of weakness, a mind confused, must be made clear. Thrown into the darkness and made to survive, proof of a right to be demanded. No guidance, no clarity given, the self-unidentified. Fear emanating through all; a constant state of terror without compassion. Seeking safety outside the self, never to be found. Turing within is all that remains; the only chance to survive.

Lost and unable to find the way. No direction, no purpose, a soul adrift. The existence of such an individual; questioned, rejected from the norm of society. An outcast, who feels, hears and sees too much; who knows no separation. This one cannot be allowed to be.

There is No Judgment

All that remains, is the witness. The silent space of the observer. There is no judgment, there is no separation, nothing to judge, only forgiveness. The all-pervading emotion of fear transmuted to love, is the way back home. The self in fact is all, the illusion is separation.

Understanding and compassion, found within. Pain transformed to love and joy; peace and harmony within. Judgement warmed by forgiveness and met with love. The greatest gift, no self-identified, now shared with all who believe they must be separate to be allowed to be. That the survival of the individual depends on maintaining separation, the result is only fear.

To BE is to Become One

To be is to become one with everything, the fullness of expression experienced. Embrace, mother, family, home, culture and society. What is experienced by one is experienced by all. All allowed to be; free will and intent nurtured, desire erupting to fulfill the needs of all. Limitless being in harmony, a new concept formed, I Am all-no separation.


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March 31, 2016

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