Self-Love is where it all begins.


Really being able to say, “I love myself,” and not because I just messed something up, but because I know it to be true. Genuinely saying, “I love myself,” changes everything. Can you give yourself all the love, kindness and acceptance you have ever wanted?

Why wait for a mate, partner or friend to give you what you need. How are they even supposed to know what you need. Give yourself the love you need instead. Say the words you long to hear; that you are enough, you are loveable, you are beautiful and perfect just as you are, right now.

Go back into the stories you tell yourself, the old beliefs and patterns of thinking that shape your views on life and re-write them.


Tell stories in a new light with a new perspective.


I remember hearing a story once, in a seminar to train a person how to be a leader- not a victim, that really opened my mind to what’s possible. A women had been terrible raped and beaten. A truly horrible assault had occurred, but she choose to see it differently. She choose to be a leader, not a victim. She transformed that story into her life’s work fulfilling her purpose for being. She then created a way of thinking, a philosophy, that had a powerful impact, for good and for healing, far beyond her own experience.


We choose how we feel and how we apply meaning to the events and experiences in our lives.


I recently took an old belief system that created a Negative Feedback Loop and transformed it into a Positive Feedback Loop. I did this by re-writing the stories that triggered my negative loop. When I did that I understood what I really needed to hear, then and now in this moment, and I told myself what I needed to hear. I felt it through every cell of my being. From this information I was able to construct my positive feedback loop and write it down. I now tell myself what I need to hear and remind myself of my new beliefs daily. I want it to become a habit. A habitual way of thinking ingrained within me just like the negative loop had been for so many years.

I did a short video on this on Youtube. Please check it out and tell me what you think. How to Create a Positive Feedback Loop


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