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Beginner’s Mind and Goals

Key for me, is believing in what I am creating.   I love the beginners mind mentality; be curious, ask questions and seek the answers. Master that one thing you came here to do, and do it with excellence. I have set my Big 5 Goals to accomplish in this lifetime....

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Fear and the Future

The Black Waters of the Future Looking into the future can feel like diving into deep black waters. The future is unknown, scary and teaming with obstacles to navigate. You cannot see your hand beneath the surface of the dark water. If you have experienced trauma in...

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How to Gain Confidence

I am Enough The best and fastest way to gain confidence is through Praise. Lavish yourself in praise. Freely give praise to yourself and others. It costs you nothing, but is priceless. Look in the mirror and say, "I am Enough." Write it on the mirror to reflect back...

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