I am known for seeking the beauty in all of life. It’s just what I do, how I think and respond.
I have born witness, experienced and known many dark places.
Buried deep within me is an instinct; always leading me, guiding me to find the blessing, find the gift, the lesson, the beauty.
I break, utterly spent, become still and listen. And there it is, without fail. I am shown the beauty, the wisdom the perfection.
I’m not seeking. I am too broken to seek any more. I have cried out all my questions. All my fears and pain have been released-pushed out from my core. I have fallen to my knees. I’m not looking for the lesson or understanding any longer. I have given up. Surrendered any knowing of my own ability.

And that’s when it appears.

All I have to do is keep breathing and the gift is given.
I am witness to the love, the beauty, the awesomeness of humanity’s love, from one to another.
We are never truly alone. We are never forsaken, never failed. In the darkest hour a light always comes.
All we have to do is get still. Stop whaling and crying out. Stop thrashing around in the darkness and listen, allow our inner vision to take hold.

Without fail- loving kindness appears.

A stranger, a friend, someone long thought lost, appears and with outstretched hand and pulls us back into the fold.
I choose to walk this Earth with compassion, loving kindness, gentleness and peace in my heart for my brother and sister.
Love one another. Never stop, no matter what.
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