I love this quote Joaquin Phoenix shared of a lyric by his brother River.

I have learned I cannot fix anyone else’s troubles or remove any lessons they alone must learn.

I cannot rescue anyone.


I am not the savior, LOVE IS.


I can run to be present, show up and be of service in LOVE.
I can send them love, hold them in my heart and offer words of support and encouragement.
I can be of service and lend a helping hand.
I can listen and offer compassion and the power of my presence. I can be a sounding board for creative solutions.
I can provide the memory of past lessons to help decode the pattern.
I can help shed the light of awareness on limiting beliefs.
I can reflect back the clearest mirror of I can possibly hold.
I can hold the balance of stillness and peace in my field until all fight and struggle release back into surrender.
I can remind them that they are not alone.
I can cheer them on in determination, resilience and boldness.

In response love surrounds, pours forth, and heals all, leaving only peace, where once pain and suffering dominated.

Love and Peace will always be more powerful than any pain or suffering.

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