For most of my life I have been searching for home.
That place that felt safe, my nest.
Where I knew deeply that I was held, embraced, supported and nurtured in every way.
I looked for the people that would help me feel that way in my environment, in relationships and life in general.
I would actively let go, release or separate myself from circumstances, people or environments that made me feel like an outsider, different, saying somehow I didn’t belong.


I am home within myself.
I am home- loving, accepting, allowing, forgiving- all of it.
I am home and there is absolutely nothing I would change.
There is perfection within me and there is perfection all around me.

Beauty is everywhere.

I am home. I am at peace. I am shinning and soaking it all in.
I am a witness, an observer and joyful participant in the song and dance of life.
I welcome it all- the storms, the falls, the radiance, the outrageous beauty and love beyond measure.
It’s all perfection and I am at home with it all.
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