How to Transform Your Life


I can show you HOW, but YOU have to be willing to DO the Work.

I am here to empower you, to help you create awareness, and from a place of consciousness, make better choices. Choices that will Transform your Life, ultimately helping you find, express and take action toward your purpose, your mission, your very reason for living. I want to help you Be Who You Are and live your full potential.


  1. Set an Intention

First, set an intention. Make it a declaration. Tell someone you trust and ask that person to help hold you accountable. If there is no one you Trust, hold yourself accountable. Say I am Enough. I am Worthy. I am Powerful, because you are. Read your declaration out loud, upon waking and before you go to bed at night. Look yourself in the mirror as you read it, especially if you are holding yourself accountable.


  1. Answer the question WHY?

Next, answer the question Why. Why do you want to transform your life? This has to be a BIG enough WHY to carry you through the Ugly, the Uncomfortable and the Messy, so dig deep. Ask yourself why? Once you have that answer, ask why again. Question your answer, ask why again. Ask can I go deeper? Give yourself at least 3 Whys until your answer feels like this is it, this is WHY I am willing to take this journey? Why do I need to transform my life and live my purpose?


  1. Become Aware

Become Aware. Observe yourself from a place of neutrality; a judgment-free zone. Become the silent witness to your thoughts, actions, and beliefs; the pictures you hold in your mind and believe to be true and the words you say to yourself. Watch your automatic negative thoughts rise up and express themselves in your reality. Become conscious of your daily habits, your routines and familiar patterns of thought and action. Pay attention. What you do daily, is what you believe in action. Your daily habits are a reflection of your core beliefs, not what you say, but what you believe at your most basic level.

  1. Watch Your Words

What words do you speak to yourself on a daily basis? What do you say to yourself upon rising? What are your thoughts, as you lay your head down to sleep at the end of the day? Do you speak kind words to yourself? Do you encourage yourself? Are you proud of your thoughts, actions and behavior? Do you love yourself? Are you willing to forgive yourself and others? Are you willing to commit to yourself, to commit to make the changes necessary for you to live your best life? Do you feel light and expansive in your mind and body? Are you tight, tense and restless; feeling heavy, tired and burdened by the pressures of life?


  1. Be Strategic

Do you live strategically? Or do you live spontaneously, whatever happens does, without any set intention? Do you plan your day in advance? Do you ask yourself what needs to happen today to make it a good day? Do you have a plan for your life? Do you know what you need to achieve daily in order to meet those goals? Do you know what you need to accomplish before you die to feel you have lived a life worth living?


  1. Top 5 Values

Do you know what your top five values in life are? Do you know what you value most in life? If you lost everything, all your accomplishments, success, money and material wealth what would remain? Can you have everything, but need nothing? Are you willing to run your own race? Do you know how to access your greatness within? Are you able to be autonomous and authentic in your life? Can you be brave and audacious? Do you respect yourself? What influence does your life have on the world at large? Are you willing to make a difference?


  1. Be Willing, Determined, Devoted and Resilient

Are you willing, determined and devoted to clearing all obstacles; the false and limiting beliefs that hold you back? Can you be resilient and courageous when you need to be? Are you willing to ask yourself questions and answer them from the deepest part of yourself? Are you willing and ready to release your suffering and pain? Do you choose to live a happy, joyous life, even if it costs you everything you now know to be true? Are you willing to be Who You Really Are no matter the cost?


  1. Let Go of Resistance

If you answered YES, you are willing, then it’s time to begin the journey deep within. It is time to journey into and through the darkness, embracing your shadow in all its beauty. You can no longer afford to resist, push down or hide your shame, guilt, regret, blame and fear. Traveling deeper still, to the heart of everything, where your light shines brightly, waiting for you to ASK; to seek the truth, feel the warmth, know the comfort and claim your freedom- is your True Self- Your Highest Self-Who You Are awaits you.


  1. All the Answers are Within

All the answers are within. Are you willing to listen and heed the counsel given? You alone have the power to create this transformation. No One can DO it for YOU. You must walk through the darkness, knowing that you are loved, supported and believed in by so many seen and unseen allies, helpers, angels, guides, friends and loved ones. Be calm, neutral and amused by it all.


  1. You Are Never Alone

You are never alone, but you must make the journey of your own free will. You must Ask for guidance. You must Ask for help. You must Ask the questions begging to be answered. If you do not ASK, if you are unwilling to Hear, to Listen and be Still, and ultimately take ACTION, nothing will change. Nothing will happen; you will remain stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled. Be willing and take the first step. Set your intention. Declare it OUTLOUD and ASK. The rest will follow. Stay the course, hold the commitment and do the work.


This is a way of life, not a one stop, quick fix and life is perfect. This is the formula for success, not an end, not a destination, but the process of creating a life worth Living. The process for living a life of purpose, meaning and value in service to a greater cause. To live a life in service to humanity- with a heart filled with love, kindness and compassion- there is no greater joy, blessing or fulfillment.

Be willing to Give and Receive love, no matter what. Be undefeated. Be courageous. Be Brave. Be audacious. Be consistent. Be humble and never give up. You will fail countless times, become lost and confused; keep going. Be Relentless and Unstoppable. You are worth it and what you have to offer is worth it. You are powerful beyond measure and you are enough, as you are right now, at this very moment, to accomplish all that you set out to do.

Now set your intention and Who You Are will be revealed.

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