I am Enough

The best and fastest way to gain confidence is through Praise. Lavish yourself in praise. Freely give praise to yourself and others. It costs you nothing, but is priceless.

Look in the mirror and say, “I am Enough.” Write it on the mirror to reflect back at you as you pass by.

Let this one simple statement of Praise be your first step. Can it even be seen as praise? I see it as the base line. If you can believe you are enough, really own it, then you can declare your successes and achievements and be proud of them. But how many of us struggle with this first step of believing we are enough, as we are right now.

Shame, guilt, blame and fear keep us from feeling Proud. How can we be confident and proud, if we know all of our failures. What if people find out the truth about us? Will they still give us praise?  “They would never praise me if they knew X.Y and Z,” therefore we do not claim our confidence. I say be authentic. Be vulnerable and share your story. Holding nothing back, with nothing to hide, everyone knowing the depths of the pain and the suffering; not only will they praise you they will cheer you on. Your confidence is assured as you relish in all the praise and acknowledgement of what you have overcome.

Storms are Inevitable.

There are many storms to be weathered in life. Turbulent waters are guaranteed. Whatever happens you are enough to take them on, ride them out and pop back up. You can get pummeled by the waves, loose your breath and be drenched in fear, but you can still pop back up.

You might be down for awhile, it took me two years to get divorced and pop back up. I’m here now. Right back riding the waves declaring, “I Am Enough, just as I Am.”

It’s all part of the journey. The pain and the suffering will ultimately lead you to your purpose for living.

Praise yourself. Give others the praise they need, to rise back up and pop out from the depth of the waters and the storms that pummel them.

Champion your successes and the successes of those around you. Each time you receive praise you become lighter, more buoyant. You become more sure of yourself, more willing to extend and expand your limitations. Resiliency is strengthened and you know without doubt that you are Enough and worthy of praise.


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