I have been overhauling my health, fitness and well-being, by really examining my daily habits, routines and practices.


I ask myself, “Is this habit, routine or practice taking me in the direction I want to go? Will I obtain the goals I am seeking, by using these tools?”


Surprisingly, I have been handing over the controls of my life and following other people’s practices and routines for some time now.

That’s all fine and good, if they are moving in the direction, or have already achieved the goals I am seeking. If not, then what am I doing?

In that light, I have begun to add the practice of Hormesis into my daily routines, and am creating habits to strengthen my body and better support its own natural processes.

Longevity is my goal, not to be the strongest or sexiest in the room, but to live a long and healthy life, so I can accomplish what I came here to do.




The definition of Hormesis:

Hormesis is a term used by toxicologists to refer to a biphasic dose response to an environmental agent characterized by a low dose stimulation or beneficial effect and a high dose inhibitory or toxic effect. In the fields of biology and medicine hormesis is defined as an adaptive response of cells and organisms to a moderate (usually intermittent) stress. ~Defined by the PMC US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health


An example of hormesis, is vacillating between a hot and cold shower, or being in a hot sauna then jumping into a cold plunge pool.

Intermittent fasting, is another example, constricting food intake to a particular window of time and then not eating outside of that window, usually a 12 to 16-hour window without food or calories.

The body is forced to adapt, which is a normal response of the body that allows it to cope with environmental stressors, our very survival depends upon the body’s ability to adapt.

Hormesis is integral to the normal physiological function of cells and organisms.




Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate the cold. I’m not exactly sure when this happened, as I was not born hating the cold, and grew up playing outside in the snow and cold for long hours.

20 years ago, a homeopathic doctor asked me a series of on boarding questions, one of which was, “How do you feel about cold?” I said, with great passion, “I would rather die set on fire than be cold.”

As you can imagine, he made a note in his book and looked at me in confirmation that yep, there is indeed something wrong with this person.


The Cold


As I stand in the shower, I use every trick I have learned from Marisa Peer, the famous hypnotherapist from the UK.

As the ice-cold water hits me, with the timer set for 20 seconds, I smile, I relax my muscles and I tell myself, “This is so good for my body. I love how relaxed the cold water makes my muscles feel. It’s so good for my hair, skin and nails. I love this.”

As the hot water hits me, for a fleeting 10 seconds, I continue to smile and assure myself, “I can always turn back the dial to hot. I’m fine. I’m not going to die. It’s OK and I’m really adapting very quickly.”

I have used Marisa peer’s work on limiting beliefs and other thought patterns, that do not support my well-being, and I know they work.


The Miracle


But this is a miracle.

In less than a week, I can stand in a hot or cold shower and am totally fine. I actually can tell little difference, ultimately, between the two. If I get too hot, I tingle, and if I am too cold and jump into hot, I tingle.


It’s the same. I am balanced. Whole. Unified.


For years now I have been completely out of balance in my physiology, which has impacted my thinking and way of approaching life.

I feared the cold, I resisted it, I spoke hate upon it and I limited what I was capable of doing based upon its presence.

I only allowed the warmth in, I only felt safe, in the cozy space of my external surroundings, if it was warm.




The cold taught me how to feel safe, OK and fine on the inside; no matter what was happening on the outside.


Applying the Lesson to Daily Life


This is a huge lesson for my life.

I am safe, no matter what is happening on the outside; I am not a victim of what is happening in my finances, job, career, relationships, home life or professional life.

It doesn’t matter if people are kind to me, criticize me, support me or are indifferent to me. I’m fine either way.

People are entitled, to be hot or cold.


That is what hot and cold have symbolized to me.


Hot means I am safe, cared for, loved and people are nice to me. I am in the light, sitting in the sunshine. Cold meant that I am alone, afraid, lost, confused, judged, ridiculed and in darkness.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Like hot and cold, they are both the same.

One is actually no different from the other. I am fine either way. I can choose to smile, relax my muscles and wait for the shift to switch back. Nothing stays hot and nothing remains cold forever.


Even divorce eventually finds peace or indifference.


Sure, it might appear easier to have support, but sometimes I might learn more from the criticism given and actually improve who I am or what I am creating.

The support and kind words are nice and definitely needed sometimes, but they may not give me the direction and information necessary to self-correct or to aid in my self-realization.


In the End


It’s all good. Food, no food, hot or cold. I’m going to survive. My body will adapt, my mind is teachable. I can be trained to be the leader and not the victim. I can learn to take responsibility for my own transformation and not blame others for letting me down.

My body is built to adapt and has a powerful desire to survive.

This too shall pass, the cold only lasts 20 seconds. It’s all moments in the evolution of me becoming the best version of myself.

Sometimes it takes facing an outward fear to break through to a new level of understanding on the inside.

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