Survival, continuing to exist.

By definition to survive is continuing to exist, in spite of difficult circumstances, an accident or ordeal. It is a pulse, a breath a heartbeat, nothing more. Survival does not imply living a life connected to spirit, filled with purpose. It means to continue to exist, that is all. I want to do more than survive. I want to live, to be vibrant, a beacon, a light filled with purpose, meaning and passion.

To be a survivor imbues one with a near heroic personification.

I am a survivor. That simple statement implies strength, passion and power over adversity. By definition a survivor means a person remaining alive. To remain alive does not mean the person made it through the ordeal, a victor, a conqueror of that which would destroy, a light transformed in strength and fortitude. It does not convey the condition of the mind or of the spirit. It means there is a body that remains breathing, a heart beating, a pulse found.

Without the fire of the heart there is no life in survival.

The body carries on, an empty shell, soulless fighting to exist or pushing all that would sustain away. The heart is the seat of the soul, that which would give meaning, purpose, passion for living. Without the heart the soul cannot flourish. To be alive is not enough. To breath is the beginning. To survive an accident does not mean the accident was overcome, transformed into an experience of empowerment.

There is so much more that needs to happen. To survive the light must shatter the darkness of adversity. The person must break, hold on, never give up, forgive, surrender, trust, allow, find meaning, create purpose, accept what is. It all must felt, directly experienced and melded into the whole of the being that continues to exist; to breath. Without these rites of passage flowing through the awareness of the being, the body breaths and no longer lives. Time passes, events happen, a part of the soul is gone. The person has survived without living. The being that was no longer is.

Survival is so much more than existence.

To be, is so much more than breathing. A survivor is far greater than one who remains alive. A survivor is an ambassador of the heart. To survive is to become the witness to the destruction, no longer governed by it. A survivor holds on, perseveres, believes when there is nothing left to believe in. A survivor is one who overcomes hopelessness, fear and doubt. A warrior who has made peace with all adversaries. A beacon, a light, shattering into being who they were born to become. A survivor has captured the fire of life. The heart of life itself.

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