Breaking assimilation and remembering my truth. I have been reminded lately of my ability to assimilate the ideas and concepts of others. I am so open, allowing and considerate of the beliefs of others that sometimes I get lost. I feel the passion and faith another holds as if it is my own. The danger in being an empath is that it can sometimes be difficult to remember my own feelings, my own truth, my own path.

I understand that there are many paths to God.

In fact most belief systems hold the same root concept of love. I can easily assimilate into the lives and culture of those who cross my path. I collect fragments of truth from each person, as the truth has a certain resonance that cannot be mistaken. The problem is, fragments without the larger picture can become confusing. Abandoning the forest for the trees can become a very real problem of the mind in this regard.

I often listen too closely, and get mixed up, agreeing because I can in fact understand the reasoning behind the other person’s beliefs. In this way, my mind becomes active and my knowing becomes the background noise. I met a woman recently who reminded me that I know what it is best for me. I know my path and my truth. There is no system, no belief or faith that supersedes my own innate knowing.

She reminded me to rely on my own wisdom and suggested that perhaps the reason I had experienced so much confusion was because I needed to let go, once and for all, of the idea that I needed a second opinion. She reminded me that I already know the wisdom of my heart is here for me and that it may be time for me to simply live from who I really am, my true self. It’s time for me to let go of the false identities I so easy assimilate.

I know how to live my life.

I do not need systems, religions and beliefs. I can become still and listen. The wisdom and guidance I need will be provided in exactly the right moment. All my needs are met, all my desires are realized, all I need to do is relax and let go of trying to figure it all out. Stop thinking, stop analyzing what is before me and instead allow it to unfold.

Like the game of trust where you fall back and you are caught by those who support you and keep you from harm. I trust the Source of all life- the warm embrace of love- my innate knowing- to catch me always and keep me from all harm. The embrace is soft, comforting and without resistance. A surrendering that is not forced or contrived. I recognize it immediately, it is the feeling of returning home; familiar, safe and welcoming.

I do not need to understand how it all works, or why. It does.

I trust it and I always receive the guidance, support and encouragement I need; when I need it. I no longer need to have conversations with others about what they believe and why. I can allow them the sanctity of their beliefs and experiences, while setting boundaries that protect me from assimilating into their systems. In essence I have no faith and no belief- I simply know. I know beyond reason, beyond conviction, beyond the fragmented truth back to the Source- the big picture- bathed in love and communicated in knowing.

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