Formless Form- Chaos

Chaos is a void- formless matter which holds the energy or potential existing before the creation of the Universe. It is unpredictable, random, non-linear, impossible to control. It is the source of expansion of the entire Universe. It is not nothing and everything. It is primordial, dark and mysterious.

It has no form, only impossible to control potential.

Chaos has no form until we are forced to open, to receive, to expand our minds in crisis. When we are forced to think outside the box of our predictable, ordinary, structures and presumptions- to create something new. Crisis shocks us, takes our breath away and short cuts our constant analyzing and contemplating. The chaos of crisis allows us to reach into the primordial energy of formless potential and create form.

For a brief moment the mind goes blank.

A light is seen in the darkness of the night sky. In that moment when all else fails, hope is found in the darkness of possibilities. The North Star shines brightly guiding the way back home from within the heart.  In contrast to chaos the North Star is fixed, steadfast in the heavens. The brightest star in the night sky, 2,500 times brighter than the sun. It holds firm while all else spins- pointing to True North without fail.

With eyes fixed, gazing beyond the crisis-

clarity forms without thought to influence the outcome. The shock is felt- experienced by all the senses. The mind is disconnected allowing the guidance of the heart to synchronize with the North Star. The single light is all the eye can see. A super-giant, unwavering in the chaos, as all else spins out of control- chaos expanding everywhere. The North Star corded by the heart within, aligns the center, shinning outward for all to see.

Consciousness holds its place-

seated within awareness. As awareness forms, it is met with laughter at how simple it all is. A shift in perception is all it takes. It was all known, understood in childhood, somehow forgotten in the process of seeking. It is not to be sought, but understood through direct experience- the senses tuned by awareness.

None of it matters.

None of the experiences matter- it is the wisdom gained that changes everything. It is perfection with wild abandon and laughter. Life taken by the reigns- with no intent to control- only experience. There is no getting lost. There is only the perception of being lost. The light of the North Star never falters. The guidance of the heart never stumbles.

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