Embracing Death

ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT FEARS FOR HUMANITY TO OVERCOME IS THE FEAR OF PHYSICAL DEATH. Today, at this moment, your life is in your hands, and by placing your attention on Divine Love you are able to overcome even the fear of death. No fear is too large and no personality too unenlightened to be transformed by Divine Love. ~Angelic Messenger Cards by Meredith L young_Sowers…card 37 Attention.

It’s time for the shift: to allow love to transform and heal all fear.
It’s time.
All I need to do is let go, be willing to embrace it all, even physical death.

To be honest, I’ve already experienced days where I longed for release from the trials and prevails of this life. It was in those moments where I released all effort, all attachment and need to hold on to this life that I felt the joy and buoyancy of life return.

I have learned that my life is truly miserable while I am grasping and desperately holding on to maintain the status quo.
Life changes and that’s a good thing, even when it appears to be the absolute worst thing Ever.


As I reflect back, those worst ever moments, were always, without fail, the great gifts on my journey.
Those moments where I was forced, utterly ejected, from my comfort zone, that life really took off and blossomed and miracles occurred.

For what it’s worth, I have found that embracing death, and thereby making peace with life, has allowed me the greatest freedom and joy I have ever known. It has opened doors and connected me with others, through a shared journey of suffering, pain and victory through Love.


I have said it a thousand times and I will indeed die saying it, “Love is the Key,” the answer and the source of all Healing. Love is the point of entry into true Freedom, Peace and everlasting Joy.

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