Fear out of Balance is Death while you are still Living.

I created a list of what fear had cost me in my experience and when it came down to it all the items added up to not living, to not having life in my being- my soul removed. Not just a life without joy, passion, purpose, intention or inspiration, but a soulless and stagnate life.

I realized if Fear has cost me this much, then it is time to make Peace with fear.

My commitment- I will treat fear as a loyal friend. Fear will never leave my side.

I offer fear my compassion, my understanding and acknowledgement. I thank fear for its great service on my behalf. Look what Fear has done for me; it has kept me safe and protected me in a myriad of ways. Fear is of value to me. As with all medicine it needs to be balanced and given in appropriate doses; too much medicine can cause damage, destruction or death.

I will observe the presence of fear. I will listen, so that my doses do not become too high and unbalanced. I will honor the wisdom of fear, as I would a trusted friend. My life is my responsibility. When I accept responsibility for my actions or lack of, I no longer blame fear for my life choices. I own them and from that place I can make change; my power has been restored once more.

I will use fear as my Ally to inspire, motivate and fuel my passions. I will heed its warning and listen for its direction, but I will not become overwhelmed by its presence. It is a force to be reckoned with, but with respect, I have claimed it as a friend. My reward, I receive excellent counsel and wisdom the moment I need it. My own Super hero.

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