Setting the Intention Daily

How I want to show up in the world every day.


My Morning Declaration:

I wake with a joyful heart, passionate about rising and fulfilling my purpose, my mission, my very reason for living. I receive payment for being me, my authentic and vulnerable self. I do all things with reverence and a respect for the value and beauty of life.

I feel gratitude in every cell of my being. I see the beauty in all things, circumstances, events and people. I experience, truly feel, what it is to be loving in all aspects of my life. I am viewed as a woman who brings joy and laughter; a playful bright energy to all situations. I create a safe space for beauty, love and healing for those who cross my path. I support, encourage and believe in the ability of others to overcome their struggles, take back their power, and end the suffering in their life. Loving kindness emanates from my presence.

I live a life of service. It inspires me, elevates me and lifts my heart and Spirit daily, as I bring joy and healing to others. I find one thing that inspires Awe for the beauty, synchronicity and Divinity of life every day. With that awe, I overflow with gratitude which opens my heart further, fueling my desire to be of greater service again the next day.


These are the words I hear spoken to me as I look myself in the eye, upon first waking.

This may not be what I obtain each day, but it sets the tone. It represents my intention, my hearts desire for my life experience. If I can achieve even a small semblance of this declaration on a daily basis, what a life I will  have lived. This is how I am reminded daily of what I want to accomplish in my fleeting time on this Earth. It is the basis for my five daily wins and the reinforcement of what I believe in, my core values.



Have you ever done mirror work?


I stand before a mirror and look myself in the eye, as I am at 5 am, and read my morning declaration aloud and with conviction.

In doing so I am setting my intention for how I want to show up in the day ahead. I am reminding myself of what the best version of myself looks and feels like. This is what the best version of myself consciously chooses to do and to create in my life.

By doing this each morning I embody the essence of my message, making it a part of my being.


Mirror Work


Another practice I do daily is to  look myself in the mirror and say, “Anastacia, I am proud of you for….” It can be as simple as waking up and doing your best or as profound as, “Anastacia, I am proud of you for not giving up.” Some mornings tears are streaming down my cheeks.

Following this praise and building of my inner confidence, I look myself in the eye and say, “Anastacia, I forgive you for…” This again can be very liberating and bring great release and flooding of emotion. “Anastacia, I forgive you for not knowing what to do.” It seems so simple, but when you find those key phrases that unlock the pent up and unacknowledged emotion, it all flows out to be healed.

The last bit of mirror work I do is again to look myself in the eye and say, “Anastacia, I commit to you that…” Now here’s the part where you get a second chance. A chance to do it better, get it right or try again. This is the part where you don’t give up on yourself and are your own best friend. After all this is you committing to you, you can’t let yourself down. But if you do, the next morning you tell yourself your proud of what you got right and you forgive yourself for what you need to work on.

The next day you rise and do it all again!


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