The Forty Day Journey


I recently picked up a copy of Mastin Kipp’s book, Claim Your Power.

It’s a 40-day journey through transformation to reclaim your power and declare your purpose. The author is a gifted transformational coach, or as he calls it a Functional Life Coach.

I swear there are parts of this book I could have and probably indeed have written word for word, on my own journey back to Who I am and the process of claiming my Power.

That being said, there is always more to learn, and for me the process has become somewhat of a life mission.

I am on Day 7 and let me tell you, Mastin Kipp, doesn’t hold back. He dives deep and my hands are dirty, as I full on begin weeding the garden of my Life.


You will be known by your fruits.


I have some serious work to get done before summer has had her fill and the Autum harvest is upon me. Forty days comes and goes in an instant and yet much needs to be done in that time.

I love the process of transformation, always going deeper, never staying with your wounds, but healing them, not avoiding them or coating them over with Spiritual hyper bole, but addressing them, while forgiving yourself and others in the process.

One of the lessons I have learned is that, although I have spent some 20 or more years transforming my life again and again, I kept missing the root of it all.

I kept not quite going deep enough, or when I did go deep enough, not figuring out how to actually resolve the pattern.

At the same moment I began this book another was recommended to me. I do not believe in accidents, but embrace synchronicity in all her beauty.


I Love Myself


I believe I may have stumbled upon the magic formula, the secret of life, in a very small book, without fanfare and not written on purpose, by Kamal Ravikant, titled, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.

The concept is exceedingly simple, Love Yourself. This is not something taken lightly, but a vow, a mission, the purpose in itself.




Lifetimes can be spent writing in a journal, going within and asking why, delving into the original incidents, as slight as they may have been, that created your misconceived beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

What led you down the path of confusion and false identification? Why and how did you forget Who You Are.

I fully believe in peeling the layers of the onion, but I also understand deeply, that if one fundamental value or belief is not in place it is all for naught. This is usually so small, so insignificant, as to be overlooked entirely.

That fundamental value is, to Love Yourself.

Say it with me, “I Love Myself.” What do you feel? Do you feel silly? Do you believe it? Do you not want to do it? Does it feel hollow or empty?


Step One


Look yourself in the mirror and keep saying it, “I Love Myself.”

Take note, become aware, of all the feelings or objections you might have to doing this.

Throughout your day, no matter what you are doing, keep telling yourself, out loud when possible, “I love myself.” Create a mental loop, a fundamental belief that, “I Love Myself.”



Step Two


Ask yourself this, “What would I do, right now, if I truly and deeply loved myself?”


Try it on a real situation. What was your answer? Can you feel the difference and the clarity?

Here are some examples:

Should I call this person back? Ask the question, “What would I do, right now, if I truly and deeply loved myself?”

Should I stay in this relationship? Ask the question.

Should I stay at this job? Should I put in a job application in the city and Country I have always wanted to live? Ask the Question.




What I have found is this; before you transform, before you go through the journey and devote yourself to fulfilling the cause, your mission, your purpose for living, establish one thing- I LOVE MYSELF.

Without that, nothing else matters, not even your purpose, because you won’t love yourself enough to pursue it, to do the work and endure the discomfort of becoming fully alive and living a life worth living.


Simply said, if you don’t love yourself, what’s the point!


How can you forgive yourself, or anyone else, be passionate, driven, devoted and purposeful, let alone joyous, if you can’t love yourself?


All the work, all the effort is in vain.


You have rejected God, rejected yourself, rejected the perfection of creation and the Divinity of all life- when you cannot or will not Love Yourself.

You have the spark of God within you, you are a Divine and Perfect Being, a part of All Creation, a part of the Oneness of All life.

So, for God’s sake, Love Yourself!

And go live a life of purpose, in service of humanity and the Earth.

Don’t forget, I love YOU.

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