Choose to BE

I choose to be- to develop a sense of self without preconception- brand new in concept and form. Freedom of will and intent are required, accompanied by the desire to be fully expressed as myself. I am an individual expression of the whole, maintaining my internal compass by living a life of purpose. I do not exist sole and separate. I am intertwined in the fabric of life- a drop of water in the ocean of awareness.

I-as the individual- need to allow myself to be.

No permission can be given or taken outside of myself. No direction can be found that does not originate from within myself. The difficulty is knowing who I am and why I’m here.  Questions of what did I come to do and how can I be of service can be answered from the wisdom of my heart. All outside influence must be set aside, subtle or overt, as only the light from within can lead me back to harmony with the Divine plan for my life.

I stand in a place of choice, that I might exert my free will and declare my intent.

That means taking responsibility, surrendering and accepting what is actually happening right now- despite how I might feel about it. The ability to choose comes from acceptance of what is unfolding in the moment. Denial, stubbornness, anger and resentment take away my freedom to choose. These emotions create a sense of powerlessness within me, which removes my voice and my ability to effectively take action.

In order to act- I must pause

feel the space that surrounds me and allow the energy of the moment to be what it is without judgement. With my mind centered I can drop my predetermined expectations, my need to control the timing and events of my life. From there I can follow the flow as it comes. I can’t act on what I believe should have been. I can only act on what is before me.

I am paralyzed when I’m afraid of the opportunities presented to me.

I must stand without fear, use my voice and make the choices necessary to move forward one step at a time. If I focus on who I am becoming and not what I have been, all potential is available to me. An open mind is all I need to be successful on my journey.

My voice declares my will to choose and returns power to my being.

From a place of power, I am able to merge with the whole once more. I am no longer afraid of losing myself, becoming a victim of circumstance that does not match my perceptions. My concept of self is defined in the moment, as life flows through me. I am the expression of my fullest potential to the extent that I allow myself to become brand new- letting go of false beliefs and outdated concepts every second of the day.

Becoming me, is my daily practice.

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