Key for me, is believing in what I am creating.


I love the beginners mind mentality; be curious, ask questions and seek the answers. Master that one thing you came here to do, and do it with excellence.

I have set my Big 5 Goals to accomplish in this lifetime. I wrote about those in a previous blog, The Big 5 Life Accomplishments. These are the primary goals, that once completed, I will feel I have lived the life I intended to and can die in absolute peace.

My primary goals are supported by my 5 daily wins. I write down my 5 daily wins each morning in my journal. These are the items that I must accomplish before I lay my head down to sleep. The focus here is that my day is really my life in miniature. What I focus on daily becomes my life. Therefore, I must make the most of each day; live out loud, fully and with intention.

Five categories make up the 5 daily wins. One intention is set for each category. These categories are the pillars which support my 5 Big Goals. Self-care, experience, growth, connection and contribution are the pillars I have selected to create my categories.


Consistently take balanced steps.


The idea is to take balanced steps each day. The intention is to make these steps into habits, that form routines, and executing them consistently. Ultimately this will bring the fulfillment of all my goals.

Character traits I hold most dear are what dictate my 5 main values. Values create the foundation upon which everything else is built. Accomplishments matter not in the least, if by obtaining all my goals and daily wins, I sacrifice my integrity or what I believe in to do so. When times get tough and others stop believing in my dreams, my core values will carry me through to better days.

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