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Anastacia Jayet

Author Bio

Anastacia Jayet is not who “I am”

Anastacia Jayet - Author

I, Anastacia Jayet, am not simply my name. I identified by six legal names by the time I was thirty-one years old.

I am not my title, my job or the place where I live. I have had many titles, experienced many diverse jobs and moved many times.

I lived many years adrift without knowing who I was. I lacked self-esteem and confidence, disconnected from all that surrounded me.

I journeyed, studied and experienced many concepts of myself through many different lenses of perception – until I realized that I am unlimited, ever changing yet constant – and that everything is possible and a potential part of my becoming.

I am at peace in the eye of the storm. That is who I am. I have learned to accept all aspects of myself by surrendering, trusting, allowing, receiving and accepting all that is.


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