Robin Sharma, Best selling author, has 10 maxims or core ideas fundamental to living; creating a mindset and heart set for life. I have taken them and embellished them with my own insights and definitions of meaning and value. I intend to learn and experiment with these core ideas in the days to come. Setting the intention and sharing the ideas with others helps my mind to become familiar with the concepts and adds to my commitment to follow through with implementing them moving forward.

  1. Run Your Own Race:

Live by your core beliefs, never falter, don’t look to the left or to the right. Focus your eyes straight ahead, your goals lie in front of you. The finish line arrives before you know it. Do your best Now.

  1. Success is Masterful Consistency Around the Fundamentals:

Keep it simple. Do something every day in the direction of your goals. Be consistent, the rest will follow. Focus on the 5 points. Most of creation is built upon the 5-pointed star. Look in nature, within flowers, within the apple- slice it in half you will see the foundation, the source, clearly within.

  1. Inner Empires Realize Outer Empires:

What you Believe is reflected in what you do. Your Inner beliefs and daily habits form your life. Transform the inside and your outer world will reflect your inner beauty.

  1. Discomfort is the price of World Class:

Step outside your comfort zone; your skill set, what you know or believe you are capable of and be willing to fail repeatedly. Be Passionate, Devoted and Resilient. Keep getting up. Keep trying a new way. Keep Believing everything is possible.

  1. Be so Amazing you Need No Introduction:

Be the best in your field, focus on one thing and master it. Be Your Best. Be who you really are; raw, unfiltered, vulnerable and authentic. They will never forget Who You Are. There may be others similar to you, but there is No One just like you. No masks allowed.

  1. Icons Aren’t Busy:

Victims are busy. Leaders get results. Simplify. Do one thing, master it, and take the steps necessary to accomplish it. Have fun, find pleasure in the simple things, find beauty and be in awe, acknowledge small daily acts of greatness and give praise freely to self and others. Remember what is truly important and let go of the rest.

  1. Have Everything, but need Nothing:

Accomplish it all, create it all, manifest every desire without limits, but Know that you are enough; whole, complete and perfect, as you are right now, without any of it. Be Who You Are. The rest is just for Fun.

  1. Cheap Costs More:

Taking short cuts in time, energy, execution, or value costs far more in the end. Know what is of value to you and pay the price. Your beliefs are your guiding Light, make them good ones. Be brave enough to challenge old beliefs and invest in better ones.

  1. Bravery is the Cure for Regret:

Be Brave; Investigate, Challenge and Heal your limiting beliefs about yourself, others and the support you receive. Be willing to release any beliefs that no longer resonate without resistance. They served a purpose once, say thank you, and let them go. Be willing to get lost, fail, mess things up and find your way back- by the strength of your character and the foundation of your core beliefs-back to alignment, connection and the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations.

  1. Love Transforms Everything:

In the end love is all there is and ever was. Love yourself, so that you may love others with compassion, understanding and kindness, no judgment allowed. Where there is love fear cannot abide. To live is to Love. To fear is to wither and die. Choose love and fail a 1,000 times. In failure lies success, without it you can achieve nothing of lasting value. Failure is what makes the accomplishment so sweet. Being of Service to humanity and the Earth is what fuels and feeds the love within. To serve thyself alone is of no value and diminishes the shine and luster of any accomplishment.

Be Brave, Be Devoted, Be Consistent and remember the simple Beauty, Power and Wisdom contained in Love.

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